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    Check local pickup if you're collecting and returning your items from our warehouse, located in Burleigh Heads, QLD.

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Stealth Wall

The Stealth Wall is one of Backdrop Fantastic’s versatile modular sets. The interlocking 3D panels allow the wall to be adapted to any venue with our easy to operate QR (Quick Release) Levers. The matte white finish of each panel is perfect to reflect and absorb lighting and becomes a perfect canvas for the trending technologies of 3D Projection Mapping and Blending. Each panel measures 60cm x 60cm and weigh’s less than 1kg each. Designed exclusively in Australia as a cost effective solution for any event.

Installation Requirements

Installation Manual IconStealth Modular Set Installation Instructions for Push up and Cross bar Rigging.



No tools are required to install each panel. Installation is extremely quick and versatile with our custom modular QR cross bars attaching easily to a number of rigging options such as standard AV push-up and base plates, truss rigging, winch ups or even Jands drape track.

Build Time

60 minutes for two person to assemble a 6m tall x 12m wide wall.

Stealth Wall Event Highlights

Type: Modular Set Piece
Weight: 800 grams
Size: 60cm x 60cm