Art Deco 1

Perfect for an awards night or show, our Art Deco 1 backdrop depicts a city of old school glamour where the streets are literally paved with gold.
Hosting a glittering party or elegant soiree? Then look no further than Backdrops Fantastic Australia’s Art Deco 1 backdrop. This scene depicts a glamour not seen in years. Here stylised elegant ladies stand behind magnificent vintage automobiles. Bug-eyed headlights shine out beams across the night sky. Whitewall tyres mirror spats as if the even car has dressed for the evening’s events. Low slung roofs and running boards give sleek lines to these cars of a bygone style.
The ladies, in contrast, are tall and elongated. Their distinctive dropped-waisted flapper gowns elegantly suggest an opulent gathering inside one the buildings of the surrounding streetscape.
This street, flows back in a cobbled patterned of golden pavers. Long dark shadows accentuate the silhouettes of an iconic architectural era. The building rise, from the pavement, golden towers of Art Deco styling. Featuring bold lines and strong shapes these building look both charming and modern. A row of palms leading back towards a fountain suggests a Hollywood setting. The Californian climate perfect for evening revelry in sleeveless gowns. To the left of the image an awning sweeps out. It is peppered with lights and suggestive of a theatre or auditorium.
Behind this golden city scape rises a deep blue evening sky. Cut through with the spotlights of Hollywood fame and peppered with shining stars this setting is designed to create an opulent experience or glamour and elegance.
This magnificent Art Deco themed backdrop stands an imposing 6.3 metres high and 12.07 metres wide. Backdrops Fantastic Australia’s Art Deco 1 backdrop is sure to impress your guests and give them the sense of being a part of a Hollywood awards night. If you’re planning a show, play, party or event our Art Deco themed backdrops can bring your production to life. To ask about any this, or any of our amazing backdrops don’t hesitate to contact us.

Code: AD001
Type: Sectional 3PHP
Weight: 17kg
Size: 6.30m High x 12.07m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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