Big Garden 3

The Big Garden 3 theme backdrop invites you into a vibrant, whimsical landscape. It features an oversized interpretation of a garden where the flowers and insects are gloriously exaggerated, illustrating the scale with a depicted lost quarter. This backdrop intricately displays an abundance of daisies and daffodils, an ideal habitat for fluttering butterflies, and hovering hummingbirds. On the right side, a dew-kissed web cradles a banana spider. The backdrop is further deepened by the incorporation of a vivid blue sky and distant mountain range. This lush and vibrant imagery makes this theme backdrop an ideal choice for any garden-themed celebration.

Code: BG003
Type: Sectional 3PHP
Weight: 18kg
Size: 6.34m High x 12.14m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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