Mexican Fiesta Backdrop

The Mexican Fiesta backdrop vividly depicts a lively scene of a town celebrating The Day of the Dead. It showcases a joyful mariachi band performing in the street while costumed dancers create a vibrant spectacle. With its bold colors and richly varied elements, the backdrop keeps the viewers’ eyes constantly engaged. The festive visuals of piñatas hanging amidst overhead streamers and a costumed figure mounted on a donkey further enhance the setting. Standing in the background are adobe style buildings that add authenticity to the scene, while the evening sky adorned with distant fireworks adds depth to this intricately detailed backdrop. Seated by the roadside are men in sombreros and ponchos engrossed in the parade. The backdrop is thoughtfully concluded with a small shrine to the dead, centered at the bottom, completing this lively Mexican Fiesta scene.

Code: CA017
Type: 1 Piece
Weight: 16kg
Size: 6m x 12.1m
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