Tropical Jungle 3B

The Tropical Jungle 3B backdrop is a stunning visual portrayal of a vibrant rainforest. The canopy is adorned with a multitude of luscious green leaves, providing shade and texture. Enormous tree trunks and bloom-laden shrubs blanket the jungle floor, housing an array of exotic birds and creatures. In this steamy, tropical atmosphere, a picturesque waterfall descends into concealed pools, sustaining lush ferns and stimulating the growth of stout, vine ropes hanging from towering trees. This backdrop will set the perfect scene for your imaginative escapade into the diverse realm of the Tropical Jungle.

Code: TJ003B
Type: Party Drop
Weight: 5kg
Size: 2.3m High x 4.7m Wide
Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop and it comes with its own support rigging
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