Undersea Cave 1

The Undersea Cave 1 backdrop vividly depicts scuba divers plunging slowly underwater to embark on their thrilling adventure into the depths. Submarine illuminations filter through the swirling cerulean water from the sunlight above, casting a surreal glow on coral pillars with oval entrances leading to the mysterious cave beneath. Schools of fish dart about, weaving in and out of openings in their quest for food and evasion from predators. This underwater scene vividly brings to life an oceanic adventure. So, take a plunge and imagine your next sub-aquatic adventure with the Undersea Cave 1 backdrop.

Code: UN007
Type: Sectional 3PHP
Weight: 16kg
Size: 6.2m High x 12.03m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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