Deco Party 1C

The Deco Party 1C backdrop offers an elegant scene designed to immerse you in a glamourous social evening reminiscent of the roaring 20s. The backdrop showcases the sophisticated Art Deco style, as illustrated by the sleek silhouettes of socialites against soft peach walls, giving a striking art deco ambiance. Ornate floor-length windows draw you into a dramatic skyline adorned with lavender hues of searchlights. Ascend the steps within the design, and you’ll feel as though you’ve joined a high-class party with a pianist offering refined melodies. This thematic backdrop masterfully encapsulates the complexity and sophistication of the Deco period.

Code: ADB001C
Type: Party Drop
Weight: 5kg
Size: 2.3m High x 4.7m Wide
Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop and it comes with its own support rigging
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