Las Vegas – Bellagio Backdrop

Upscale your event with the elegance and glamour of our luxe Las Vegas – Bellagio backdrop featuring the famous hotel’s stunning façade and glittering fountains.

Las Vegas – Bellagio is one of a series of fabulous Las Vegas-inspired backdrops we offer at Backdrops Fantastic Australia. Bring the bright lights, big money, extravagance and energy of a night on the Las Vegas strip to your function with one of our themed backdrops. Capturing the imposing and stylish hotel façade and illuminated fountains, the Las Vegas – Bellagio backdrop will create a glamorous atmosphere and take your event to the next level. The Bellagio hotel and casino stands tall and graceful in front of stars that sparkle in the soft blue sky while the surrounding New York-New York Hotel & Casino and Excalibur Hotel and Casino are mesmerising as they reflect in the smooth waters of the Bellagio fountain. Bursting into brightness at the fountain’s centre are streams of irradiated water shooting into the air and lighting up the picture like fireworks.

The Las Vegas – Bellagio backdrop is brimming with energy and evokes the thrills and exciting adventures that await inside the hotel and casino, with its exhilarating variety of nightlife including clubs, attractions, entertainment and live shows with stimulating music, circus performers provoking gasps of astonishment and stars crooning “Viva Las Vegas!”. Show your cards in a tuxedo or stylish cocktail dress as you sip drinks like Champagne and classic Martinis at the hotel chic bars, or wine and dine at its gourmet restaurants. Take a gamble and spin that roulette wheel, roll the dice, pop some coins in the poker machines, bluff your way through Poker or hit the Blackjack tables. Rub shoulders with trendy celebrities and old school gangsters in the high rollers room of the casino.

No-one will be leaving Las Vegas with this breathtaking backdrop which stands 6m high and is an impressive 12m wide. Las Vegas – Bellagio is a dazzling, breathtaking backdrop that really evokes the luxury, indulgence and glamour of a thrilling visit to the neon city. To hire this or other amazing quality backdrops for your next function or event, contact Backdrops Fantastic Australia.

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Code: SW006
Type: Sectional 3PHP
Weight: 14.5kg
Size: 6.08m High x 12.05m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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