The Pirate! Backdrop presents a fascinating assembly of iconic buccaneer symbols, artfully arranged in a captivating collage. The centerpiece is a striking skull with crossed swords, framed on either side by foreboding pirate vessels. A backdrop of a treasure map, replete with amassed riches and glinting gold coins, enhances the intrigue. The map, singed by flames, reveals glimpses of the pirate ships, with a heap of eerie skulls crowding the backdrop’s lower border. A multitude of carefully placed details continually draws your gaze, from a rum bottle tucked away in a corner to the timeless quote ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. This backdrop is the perfect accompaniment for any pirate-themed celebration, offering endless entertainment for the wandering eye.

Code: BU012
Type: Sectional 3PDP
Weight: 23kg
Size: 6.14m High x 12.08m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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