Tropical Sunset Cruise 1LG

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Tropical Sunset Cruise 1LG backdrop, no matter whether you view it from a beach or the solitude of an island. These backdrops capture the ethereal radiance of a tropical sunset. The evening sky absorbing the striking pinks and azure of the retiring sun, mirrors in the ocean that dances in warm hues of red, orange, and gold. As dusk unfolds, the backdrop is further enhanced by the dark silhouettes of palm trees and lush vegetation, underlining the sun’s farewell to the day. Bask in an enchanting, island-like ambiance with these captivating backdrops.

Code: TB074LG
Type: 2p
Weight: 30kg
Size: 9m x 12m
Note: This backdrop has zippable 3m cruise deck railing attached
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