Tropical Sunset Cruise 3LG

From either the comfort of a beach or your own secluded island, behold the striking beauty encapsulated in the Tropical Sunset Cruise 3LG backdrops. The dusk sky mirrors the vivid hues of blues and luminous pinks from the setting sun, while the underlaying ocean gleams in deep red, orange and golden tones. As darkness gradually descends, striking silhouettes of palm trees and surrounding foliage highlight the radiant disappearance of the sun below the horizon. Step away, unwind, and immerse yourself in this enchantingly serene moment of magic with the Tropical Sunset Cruise 3LG backdrops.

Code: TB076LG
Type: 2p
Weight: 30kg
Size: 9m x 12m
Note: This backdrop has zippable 3m cruise deck railing attached
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