Savannah Sunset 7

The Savannah Sunset 7 backdrop paints a stunning depiction of an African evening. A magnificent sun slowly descends over the sprawling African plains, casting a spectrum of vibrant orange and soft yellows across the skyline. As the shadows of dusk creep in, silhouetted figures of tall trees and indigenous animals quietly emerge across the backdrop. Amidst the vast grassland, observe the noble lions perched on rocky terrains, vultures perched on twisted trees, and water buffalos refueling at quaint watering holes. These rich details compose the timeless savannah story, making each Savannah Sunset 7 backdrop an ideal canvas to illustrate a quintessential Out of Africa safari ambiance.

Code: OA016
Type: Non Sectional 1PDP
Weight: 19kg
Size: 6m High x 11.9m Wide
Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop
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