Star Trail Red

The Star Trails- Red theme backdrop displays a simplistic yet versatile design that can be employed for events in any season. It features a red wallpaper with a mottled pattern as the background. Adorned on this backdrop is a series of classic five-pointed stars that seem to radiate a golden yellow glow. These star-shaped ornaments are suspended from threads that match their golden light, scattered at differing lengths throughout the backdrop, as if they are hanging from the top. Each star casts a trail of glinting golden-yellow stars, resembling a night sky scene. This red and golden scene exudes captivating warmth and charm, making it perfect for holiday events incorporating star symbolism, parties seeking a starry ambiance, or dance performances that call for a heightened sense of beauty and magic.

Code: CH040
Type: Non Sectional 1P
Weight: 17kg
Size: 6m x 12m
Note: Please note this Backdrop is not sectional
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