Harlem Jazz 2

The backdrop illustrates the legendary Savoy Ballroom, recognized for its extensive dance floor that spanned an entire block and its dual bandstands along the eastern wall. Known as the “Home of the Happy Feet”, this inclusive club led the wave of the Lindy Hop dance genre. Its doors remained open from 1926 until 1958, and currently, a commemorative plaque stands proud in Harlem, NY, honoring its former location. This fascinating piece, named Harlem Jazz 2 The Savoy Ballroom backdrop, showcases eminent imagery associated with the extraordinary ballroom. Neon signs stating Savoy World’s Finest Ballroom and Stomping at the Savoy illuminate the backdrop, complemented by silhouettes of Lindy Hop dancers. It also pays homage to notable performers like Ella Fitzgerald, who are depicted on the backdrop.

Code: DE017USA
Type: Sectional 3P
Weight: 17kg
Size: 6m x 12m
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