Sunset Tiki

The Sunset Tiki backdrop depicts a dreamy scene of a sun setting, bathing everything around in an enchanting warm orange hue. This backdrop encapsulates a picturesque island hut, nestled amid the lush tropical greenery of the jungle. Accessible solely via swinging bridges or the azure ocean beneath, the hut seems serenely secluded. Towards the right of the scene, a winding path climbs towards a simmering volcano, quietly rebelling with an eruption of lava and smoke against the soothing backdrop. Adorned with vivid orange birds of paradise and intricately carved wooden masks, the backdrop also boasts majestic waterfalls emerging from towering mountains. The Sunset Tiki backdrop provides a captivating setting for staging your unique island narrative.

Code: TB017
Type: Sectional 3PDP
Weight: 27kg
Size: 6.2m High x12.23m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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