Transform any event space with modular scenic panels by Modular Backdrops

3D modular scenic panels by Modular Backdrops transform gala, conference and award stages into vibrant backgrounds ideal for unique lighting and creative projection mapping. Modular Backdrops create a vibrant focal point for any event space and bring to life event stages across Australia and New Zealand. Light weight and easy to install, the click together […]

Backdrops Fantastic Australia finalist for the Australian Event Awards!

Today, Backdrops Fantastic Australia received the news that we have become finalists in the Australian Event Awards in the category of Best Technical Achievement or Innovation. Our nomination was for the very first 3D Augmented Projection Mapping show we achieved with our technical team for the 2015 Connect Conference at the Gold Coast Convention and […]

Who doesn’t want to be a princess?

On 5 June, Grace of Monaco will be released in Australia and the scenery alone makes it worth seeing. We wonder if Grace (Nicole Kidman) will be spotted at The Casino de Monte-Carlo during the movie? If you are looking to host a Grace Kelly or Monaco themed event, set the scene with our stunning […]

Because I’m happy

There was a bit of clapping along to Pharrell’s latest song “Happy” in the office today. What’s funny is how a simple song can break the atmosphere in the room and unify a group of people. We put our heads together and came up with a short list of our favourite party songs. While some […]

It’s all Fun and Games

Maybe we are showing our age but who remembers when families got around the kitchen table and played board games? The fun of screaming out whether you would be the thimble or the shoe in Monopoly or coming up with your strategy for Battleship. Relive those times again with our Fun and Games (CO001) backdrop.

A Room with a View

Tuscany 2 Backdrop image

One of the amazing parts of working for Backdrops Fantastic is seeing all of the beautiful destinations we have featured in backdrops. From Vegas to Venice…if you can’t get there, we can take you there with one of our highly detailed backdrops. Whenever I see our line of Tuscany themed backdrops I feel like I […]

If Violet Beauregarde worked in events

Remember the little girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who chewed gum all day and wore the fantastic running suit? That is Violet Beauregarde – can you imagine if she was in events? The sound of bubbles popping during sound checks, chomping on her gum while you give instructions but even worse – the […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (in July)

Christmas Village Backdrop - Christmas Village Backdrop

This weekend was chilly enough to get snow falling in NSW which means…Christmas in July is right around the corner! Backdrops Fantastic Australia offers a full line of holiday themed backdrops from a sneak peek into Santa’s Workshop to the snow covered trees of our Winter Wonderland. Click here for our full line of Christmas […]

Nice Leisure Suit

We understand that not everyone (even with some liquid courage) would hit the dance floor and be the company “dancing queen” or “Travolta” but a Disco theme provides entertainment for everyone. Whether you are the one in the middle of the dance floor or grasping your seat with one hand while your other is clasped […]

Safety first…

We are often asked if you can just staple, tape or hang our themed backdrops over a railing. When we respond “no”, we are not just thinking of the potential damage to our backdrops but we are always thinking of the serious issues that could arise. The preferred method of installation of one of our […]

Not all milk is the same.

When I lived in the US certain seasons or months signified childhood favourites would be in the stores or restaurants. March (St Patrick’s Day) always meant Shamrock Shakes would be available at Mc Donald’s and getting close to May, typically meant we would take our family trip to Australia for…Master’s Spearmint Milk! No, we didn’t […]

Time flies when you are having a Fantastic time.

It was a normal afternoon with our team sorting through the photographs that we have accumulated over the years from our Fantastic clients. All the email said was “who is that wee figure in the background” and as I looked closer I realised it was my son when he was no older than 3 years […]

Artists in Action

We are often asked if our backdrops are photographs because of the detail we put into them. Our team of artists, located in our offices in S Africa, create the amazing drawings that are then transform onto our poly-cotton drops in-house. The experience of our team is not limited to the image you see – […]

Everything’s coming up…cherry blossoms?

While walking the floor at AIME2013 this week in Melbourne, we couldn’t help but notice the stand for Japan and instantly thought of the amazing Cherry Blossom trees (sakura). Festivals kick off this month across Japan, Washington DC (USA) and many other cities to celebrate this beautiful little pink flower adorned tree. With such a […]

Love is in the air…all year long.

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day…it is fast approaching (Hint: 14 February – so you aren’t placed in the dog house). Wishing you a lovely candle light dinner, a box of chocolates or how I like to celebrate…bundled up like Bridget Jones on my couch with a good movie and a bowl of […]