It’s all Fun and Games

Maybe we are showing our age but who remembers when families got around the kitchen table and played board games? The fun of screaming out whether you would be the thimble or the shoe in Monopoly or coming up with your strategy for Battleship. Relive those times again with our Fun and Games (CO001) backdrop.

A Room with a View

Tuscany 2 Backdrop image

One of the amazing parts of working for Backdrops Fantastic is seeing all of the beautiful destinations we have featured in backdrops. From Vegas to Venice…if you can’t get there, we can take you there with one of our highly detailed backdrops. Whenever I see our line of Tuscany themed backdrops I feel like I […]

If Violet Beauregarde worked in events

Remember the little girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who chewed gum all day and wore the fantastic running suit? That is Violet Beauregarde – can you imagine if she was in events? The sound of bubbles popping during sound checks, chomping on her gum while you give instructions but even worse – the […]

From the offices of the candy addicts

Every day around 2pm it seems the conversation around the office turns to candy. The lunch run is long past and no one would offer to go back out just for candy so talking about it seems to make it better. Today it turned to childhood favourites and here is how the room breaks down: […]

Today we say goodbye…

It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in – your team is what makes you stronger. You can be the best sales person but without someone to help you fill the order and delivery it to the client…you will never be able fulfill the promises you have made. Today at Backdrops Fantastic Australia we […]