Care and handling

Backdrops Fantastic is delighted that you have chosen to rent from our company. We are proud of the quality of our backdrops and hope that you enjoy using them to enhance your event. Please take extra care when handling our backdrops, as they are very expensive to produce and repair.

If you have any questions regarding the hanging of or care for our backdrops, please do not hesitate to contact us at (07) 5520 2311 and we will provide you with any information.

It is important that the crew responsible for handling our backdrops are careful and knowledgeable about backdrops and complies with the following instructions:



Prior to shipment, our warehouse team carefully checks our backdrops to make sure they are in perfect condition.

Our backdrops are sent to you in a branded heavy duty plastic box. They are folded neatly and placed into a plastic bag. When you remove the backdrop from the plastic bag please take note how the backdrop is folded.

Please keep this plastic bag and reuse it for return shipping. This protects our backdrops from the elements during shipping.


Before you unfold the backdrop, please make sure that the area is clean and dry to reduce the risk of staining or damaging the backdrop. Also make sure that there are no sharp objects, dirt, liquid or debris on the floor area.

Remove the backdrop from the plastic bag. Put the plastic bag in a safe place to be used for return shipping. Remember how the backdrop is folded so that you can fold it the same way after your event. You will need two crew members to unfold the backdrop.

As the backdrop is unfolded, the unpainted side of the backdrop should be facing the floor with the painted side upwards.


You will need free standing autopole rigging, theatrical pipe flyline, or a twelve metre truss ceiling mounted rigging to hang the backdrop.

The most common installation of our backdrops is with autopoles. In order to hang one of our standard backdrops you will require 4 x 3m horizontal crossbars, 5 x 6m three stage autopoles and 5 x baseplates and spiggots. If your rental is in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast we can hire you the required floor mounted rigging. If your rental is outside of this area we would be happy to recommend a local supplier to hire the rigging from.


    1. erect the autopole rigging
    2. using a tall ladder, tie the ties to the pipe from one end to the other
    3. if you find it difficult to tie and the backdrop seems heavy, ask a crew member to stand on the floor and lift the backdrop to make it easier


See Sectional Backdrops


If the backdrop is too wide, fold it on either side and tie the ties at the top to keep it in place.


The most important aspect about using our backdrops is the use of lighting. It is vital to consult a lighting expert who can ensure that the backdrop is correctly lit. We recommend even front wash lighting over the surface of the backdrop to eliminate shadows. These lights can be as simple as two Fresnel or Par 64’s to bring out the richness in each backdrops colour and design. Additional colour and or moving lights can bring new tones and movement to the backdrop if budget allows.


The policy of Backdrops Fantastic is to not rent our backdrops for outdoor events, however they can be rented for decor inside tents. Please ensure that no portion of the backdrop is allowed to touch grass or dirt. Also ensure that the backdrop will not be exposed to water damage in the event of inclement weather. Due to adverse weather conditions our backdrops have been damaged in the past.


Backdrops should not be cleaned in any way as this will rub off the paint and fire retardant. It is better to return the backdrop to our office and let our professional staff take care of it. DO NOT walk on the backdrop with shoes as this will leave tread marks.


Our backdrops must have no alterations of any kind such as pinning, tacking, stapling, sewing, nailing, gluing or painting. Repairs to our backdrops, which were caused by such alterations, will be invoiced to your company.


In the unlikely event our backdrop is torn, has burn marks, stains such as food, dirt marks, foot prints or is placed on a wet area, please do not touch-up the backdrop yourself as this could cause further damages. Please call our office and notify us about the incident and when the backdrop is returned, our warehouse always inspects our backdrops and submits a report to our office.


Bump Out:

When your event is completed and the backdrop is taken down we would appreciate it if you could fold the backdrop the same way as you received it.

Make sure that the area around the backdrop is clean and dry and free of any sharp objects.

Carefully untie/undo the backdrop from its attachment and lower it onto a clean surface.

If any sections of the backdrops have been detached please zip them back onto the drop before folding.

Do not fold dirt or confetti debris into the backdrop, as this will cause damage.

Please allow time for this procedure, as taking down a backdrop can sometimes be more time consuming than putting it up. Two crew members can carefully refold the backdrop.


Folding the backdrop will require 2 Crew Members:

        1. Lay the backdrop flat on the ground, painted side of the backdrop must be facing upwards
        2. Taking each side of the backdrop and fold it in half
        3. Make sure that the edges of the backdrop meet neatly
        4. Fold the backdrop in half again with the same procedure described above
        5. Go to one end of the backdrop and start with a 200mm width fold
        6. Continue to fold the backdrop into itself making sure that the ends remain neat
        7. You will now have one long rectangular roll
        8. Fold the backdrop into thirds
        9. Once completed you will have a small rectangular backdrop ready to be packaged
        10. Insert the backdrop back into the original plastic protective bag
        11. Place this bag in the branded shipping container with all associated documentation sent from our offices

We would appreciate it if you could send the backdrops back to our office neatly folded.


It is important to get the backdrop back to our company on time to avoid any late charges. If the backdrop has been shipped through our freight services  we will included a return-shipping label in the box, please attach this to the shipping container and call the relevant shipping company to arrange pick-up.  Our backdrop consultants will provide easy instructions and assistance throughout the entire delivery and return process.