Using Sectional Backdrops

Sectional Backdrops Instructions

Sectional Backdrops consist of horizontal zippered panels that can be removed when a full hanging height is not available or required. The ties and pockets can be attached to any section.

1. Establish the required hanging height:

First, check the required hanging height that the backdrop will hang from. Second, check the backdrop sectional diagram label shipped with the backdrop to see a diagram of the backdrop sections.

The Sectional Diagram

From this diagram you can calculate the sections to be removed to achieve the closest to your required hanging height. (Ideally a backdrop including the ties and pocket should hang 10mm – 20mm above the ground.) Further height adjustment can be achieved with the included height adjustment straps.

2. Removing the Backdrop Sections:

(All zips detach from the left side of the backdrop)

  • a. unzip ties from the top section
  • b. unzip the top section
  • c. zip the ties onto top of middle section
  • d. hang backdrop in position
  • e. sleeve pocket (place a pipe or crossbar in here to add weight and diminish creases)