Our Backdrops

General FAQ about our Backdrops

Q: What is the cost of renting a backdrop?
A: The cost of rental will be determined by the duration of the lease. Click here for RENTAL PRICES

Q: What sizes are the Backdrops?
A: Our full size backdrops are 6m high by 12m wide. Our Party Backdrops are 2.3m tall x 4.7m wide – perfect for smaller venue spaces and offices. All of the backdrop sizes are indicated on the enlargement page of the backdrop.  Many of our backdrops are Sectional Backdrops which can easily be adjusted to different sizes.

Q: How are the backdrops painted?
A: The backdrops are hand-painted and airbrushed by a team of skilled artists. Some of our backdrops are large format digital reproductions of our hand painted backdrops.

Q: What is the material used for backdrops?
A: We produce our backdrops on synthetic fiber canvas and use acrylic paints depending on the requirements.

Q: Are the backdrops fire-retardant?
A: Yes. All Backdrops Fantastic backdrops are treated with fire-retardant.

Q: How many backdrops do you have available?
A: Backdrops Fantastic has 100’s of backdrop designs available for rent. Every month the stock is added to with new designs from our global network.

Q: I want to hire a backdrop but I don’t see what I am looking for in your stock, do you do custom rentals?
A: Contact us and explain what you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. (CONTACT US)

Q: Who is responsible for installing and erecting the backdrop?
A: We are available to quote on installation within the Brisbane/Gold Coast region. For all backdrop rentals the client is responsible for hanging the backdrop unless an agreement is negotiated with Backdrops Fantastic to coordinate installation by a local contractor in your region. Alternatively you can install the backdrops yourself or contract a contractor to set up a pipe and drape system. Our Party Backdrops come included with all rigging required to easily install. Please see Hanging Instructions.

Q: Is the lighting of a backdrop important?
A: Correct lighting of a backdrop is one of the most important elements in the display of backdrops. Our Backdrops are best lit with a cross wash of open white lighting. We do not recommend uplighting our backdrops but rather lighting from the front. Please contact our team for further lighting suggestions.